Online Casino Slot Game Revolution

Online Casino Slot Game Revolution

The traditional image of the slot machine is that of the traditional one-armed bandit first discovered in San Francisco at the turn of the century. The slot machine was born here in America. Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell with three spinning wheels and one pay line. As technology advanced, so did slot machines, and by the second half of the 20th century, they were awash with winning combinations, flashing lights and glitz. Las Vegas, the City of Lights may remind you of entertainment programming, but you can’t help but imagine moviegoers hunched over coin-holding slot machines. The image created by Film Casino in 1995 continues to this day. Modern slot machines are very different as many online slot machines are. Las Vegas has nearly 200,000 slot machines, but a single online slots provider often offers thousands of games on a single site. This is a growing industry across the United States. KDKA Radio says it generates $53 billion in revenue by 2021, $3.71 billion of which will come from online providers. That’s 7% of the total gaming sector comes from iGaming, which is strong considering the $53 billion that includes existing casinos and sports betting. Most of the online gaming offerings are focused on slot machines, which have come a long way since the days of the Liberty Bell and the spinning of the cherry and melon. Today’s slots are responsive, innovative, online and therefore accessible too. There are three ways online slots have evolved to give players a much better experience than before.

Game Variant

The first and most obvious example of the online slots revolution comes with branding and game titles. Many of the games tend to be the same in casinos, either based on the old slots or still offering the old spinning wheels. There are also electronic games, but the act of sitting there and feeding coins or pennies is the same. Every game feels very different online. There are so many variations. A typical provider can have thousands of attractive online slots for different types of play. The Foxy Bingo game features branded slots featuring celebrities such as Bruce Lee, as well as more mainstream titles such as Starburst and The Big Catch. The aim is to advertise and increase the appeal of the game in a targeted way on YouTube, social media or through their website. With casino slots, variety matters less as you have to walk to the location to get a feel for its range.

Online Casino Slot Revolution

Game Type

In addition to game variants, developers have developed online slots in terms of game types like that have a lot of providers to make a lot types of games. In some cases there are multiple ways to win, such as Megaways with over 100,000 paylines. A mix of online bingo and slots, Slingo features a card full of numbers to check and a 5-reel spinner that assigns the numbers. There is a progressive jackpot where the accumulated wins increase over time as people play. It can pay 7 figures, an impressive amount that mirrors the offerings in the world’s major casinos.

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Deep Experience

Today’s online slots are not just slot machines. Not long lines in a real casino’s carpeted halls. Each game is an immersive experience, giving gamers not only the chance to win, but also something deeper. Games like Western Gold 2, for example, take you to the Wild West, with music to set the scene and reels featuring six shots, Stetson and spurs. If that’s not your thing, maybe the Game of Thrones-themed games have the show’s familiar music and branding. The bottom line is that each game is more like a video game than an online slot and will become more and more immersive as technology advances. VR and AR are significantly disrupting gaming, and when applied to online casinos, these experiences are only going to be even bigger. There is no way Charles Frey could have imagined the scope in his humble creation.